FOH/ Sound Engineer.

I have the experience and knowledge to work on any sound event, whether they be Concerts, Theater or Musicals. I have studied cutting edge methods of adjusting sound equipment in a number of environments. Nevertheless, I am always studying in order to keep up-to-date with new developments in the field.

I work with software, such as Smaart, Qlab or samples to throw in live. I know how to use mixers like Digico, Yamaha, Digidesign, Midas, etc. Ask me about it…

Ask me about it

Sound Postproduction

I can edit and mix any file of sound or audiovisual-media with video, music tracks, composition to theatre or events.

I work with pro-tools and the latest technology, editing to the maximum speed possible, while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy in order to produce the best _edition_ (?). I optimise and mix in the format that you want or need and, with an artistic touch, produce the sound that will thrill your audience.

How can I help you?

– Editing dialogs
– Sound design
– Mix all formats, 5.1 . St
– Edits; Drum Guitars, Voices
– ADR (Dialogue replacement)
– Foley



I record the sound for audiovisual projects, films, advertisements, short films, ENG..

I have portable equipment so I can go and record in any location to achieve the live sound that you desire.

The sound equipment we provide is: Multitrack-recorder, boom-pole, microphone.

Ask me!