Good dates as FoH Sound Engineer with LEIZE band

I started the tour with the band LEIZE from Bask Country. The tour show the last album “Devorando las Calles” . The band started playing in 1982 and Nowadays after 12 albums the band is in shape. They have an amazing experience.  They know how to handle the audience. The band is form by . Felix (guitar-vocals). Patxi (guitar), Toño (bass player) and Ibi (drums)

The show lasts 1-45 . I used microphones as Sennheiser 902 to put on the kick and Sennheiser 906 to the guitar amps. I released intros and audios with my Qlab.

We were in Bilbao (sala Moma), Torrelavea(Asociación Octubre), Valladolid (Sala Porta Caeli) Salamanca (Music Factory)

This guy are amazing!

I´ll keep informing